December 20th

The phone rang.  It was my manager from Kirklands.  Apparently the corporate office wanted to interview me for an Assistant Buying position.   

I had three interviews in less than a week.  I received an offer 10 days after the first call.

I thought I had been preparing for this day for months.  But the transition my mind had to take in a 10 day span was overwhelming.

I had researched the company and felt good about it. 

For months I had planned, explored, brainstormed, networked, analyzed and prepared- for only God knew what.  But one thing I hadn’t done.


I had not grieved the loss and eventual leaving of an industry I’d lived and breathed for over 15 years. 

And so I grieved.

And then I started thinking about the job.  The opportunity and what it could bring.   The most basic change of having my nights and weekends back would alone be a welcomed change.  Everyone I met during the interview process was so nice.  And I love Kirklands’ products.  Half the items in my house came from that store.

I spent some serious time with the Lord.  Clearing out any pre-conceived notions, making sure my will was completely surrendered to whatever God was calling me to.

And I got excited about it.

January 5th I began my new adventure as Kirklands’ new Assistant Buyer for Lamps, Furniture and Seasonal items.

I am officially out of ‘temporary retirement.’

I have a job!  woo hoo!  God is good.  And His timing….well that just cracks me up!  I joked with Him that I’d try to avoid calling Him “Last-minute Lord” and instead reverently refer to Him as “Just in time Jesus.”   

I bet that made Him grin.


Well, hello there.  I hope you are doing well.  Yes, yes, it’s been a good while since I’ve written.  A grievous offense in blogdom.

Allow me to give you the cliff notes edition of my last few months.  I have not really wanted to write about it until now.

I had a wonderful job in Christian Publishing, an industry I’ve been in for over 15 years.   The economy tanked and  I was laid off from the wonderful job.  Ministries are often the first to feel a hit when financial strains occur.  Although the following months were full of varying emotions, I knew full well none of it came without first passing through the sovereign hands of God.  I had days of excited anticipation over a new adventure and then days of frustration from the lack of progress in the job hunt.  One can stand only so many hours a day of searching online, filling out applications, sending out resumes and leaving unreturned messages for hiring managers. 

My heart goes out to anyone without a job in this current environment.  It will test your metal.

However, along with the expected stresses came wonderful joys for me.  For one, I got more sleep than I’ve had in years.  Thanks to severence, savings and most importantly, The Sovereign, my season of  ‘temporary retirement’ was a gift.  

I finally got around to all those house projects.   Finish painting the last two rooms.  Sort through years of paperwork, shredding the old documents.  Reorganize the kitchen cabinets.  Decide on window treatments etc.

I was able to get reacquainted with dear friends.  Like going to the mall and the zoo with my friend J and her two adorable little boys.  Having coffee with friends in and out of ‘the industry’ to catch up and even discuss potential future career opportunities.  That’s the wonderful thing about Christian Publishing in Nashville, coworkers become life-long friends.

Of course in that span were the trips to India and Missouri.  I continued to work evenings and weekends at Kirklands which became busier with the oncoming holidays.

Yes, Christmas was around the corner.  I love the holidays but I couldn’t help but feel a little antsy.  What was on the other side of that season? 

I had begun to work on Plan B.  Which was the option of starting my own consulting business which lead to shopping for individual health coverage.

Just what I had always NEVER wanted to do.  Own my own business.  But I had to at least pray and do the research.  Nothing else was developing.  Pray, I did.  And research, I did.  I bought books, and actually read them.  I consulted with friends and friends of friends on the matter.  You can’t imagine the prayers that went up.

The daily-ness of the ‘big unknown’ was beginning to wear on me.  But I never truly allowed myself to dwell on it.   It’s not my way to dwell on unpleasant thoughts of doubt and fear.  In fact, I just let go.  I literally let go.  I put aside the research and even the thought of consulting.  My brain needed a break during the upcoming holidays.

So, I finished my Christmas shopping an learned to make toffee. 

Yep, that’s what I did.  

Then came December 20th.

I have Oreck Elbow.

Yep.   All the nightly vaccuming (with the Oreck XL industrial machine) at Kirklands has got the ole joint talking back to me, reminding me I’m not 16 anymore. 

Who knew a home decor store could be such a work out?  But I am liking it.  It comes in handy this time of year with the extra food and sweets around.  I can eat my weight in sugar knowing I’m going to walk/lift/stretch/reach and vaccum it off later that night.

You see, I don’t do ‘the gym’.  There’s just something intensely vile about paying someone else to torture you.  I am certain somewhere in the Bible it says it is just a flat out sin and missuse of God’s money. 

So of course, I stay away.

However, Kirklands is paying ME to be there.  So if I get a little bit of a workout while I’m there – at least 10% of is going back to God.

Yesterday, I noticed my living room floor was in need of a cleaning.  So I got out the vaccum cleaner.  I leaned over to grab the cord to plug it up. 

It wasn’t there. 

I paused, wondering, “where did it go?”

Then it hit me.  It’s on the SIDE of the machine.  Not the BACK of it.

Not the BACK of the machine like the vaccum cleaner at Kirklands. 

What does this mean? 

Kirkland’s carpet gets vaccumed every night.

My floors at home…well….they do not.

Because I have Oreck Elbow.

Hey there internetikins!  So I’m not blogging….at all. So sorry.  But I’d rather not blog at all than take up space with dull drivel.

In actuality life’s not really dull right now.  Due to some unforseen DRAMA with the new Laptop, make that the SECOND NEW LAPTOP IN 2 MONTHS, I am typing on a computer….in the Public Library.  A place I’ve not darkened the doors of since High School. Except to vote.  

Just being here I can feel my blood pressure rising, my self-esteem dropping, my face breaking out, I have the strongest urge to constantly reapply some really shiny lipgloss and is that Madonna’s Crazy for You I am humming?

ANYWAY, my point is that Oh My Soul is going ‘Dark’ to borrow a term from Broadway.  It seems it will take 2 full weeks to replace my lovely ‘mosaic-styled’ screen with one you can actually read.

I inquired as to what could have possibly caused the screen to crack while sitting perfectly still overnight.  They assumed it was ‘the cold.’

Yeah, right.  Anyone who knows this tropic-blooded Southern girl knows my house isn’t going to drop a smidgen under 70. 


Next on the to do list: Investigate Laptop Lemon Laws.

Yep, it’s up!  A little post-007 adrenaline in my system and this was up in 15 minutes. 

Ok.  Not really.  But it was a record, I’m sure. 


I’m smack dab in the middle of that lovely life-lesson called “You’re not in control of things so just let it go.”   I suppose this is my little rebellion.  The one thing I can control.   When my tree goes up. 

So, what are you NOT in control of right now?

You know the scene. Snide comments mumbled under their breath, or even braisenly hurled across the table. 

One person rushes up to another excitedly or angrily whispering the latest rumor.  The more ‘discreet’ ones fishing for information in a more subtle manner. 

Someone receives an accolade while others smart off in jealousy and indignation.

Another experiences rejection for the same act that gave the other an accolade.

Everyone jockeying for position.

They travel in packs.  Watch them for five minutes and you can put a label on them. 

  • The Popular/IN crowd
  • The Bookish and Studious
  • The Misfits
  • The Hoity-Toity Snobs

And never are they more distinguishable than at lunch.

Most packs’ members are pretty set with the occasional shift due to changing alliances to benefit oneself.  But nevertheless one thing never changes:

Drama.  This particular world feeds off drama.

Does any of this ring a bell to you?  Does it have you thinking of High School or Church Youth Group?

It does me.  The sad thing is, I’m not talking about High School or Church Youth Group.  I’m talking about grownups. 

In the workplace.

Husbands, wives, parents. 


Note: To those who know me… before you start trying to identify the individuals I’m writing about, let me clarify one thing.  This has been occurring in several areas around me.  Not just one segment of my life, but multiple segments of my life as well as those of my friends and even mere acquaintences. 

It’s rampant.

And to be honest.  I have to ask myself, when have I been a willing and active participant in the above scenarios?  I am examining my own behavior both past and present. 

Weren’t we supposed to grow out of this?

The Truth: we don’t GROW out of sin. 

The above behavior is a result of not taking captive every thought.  Checking our attitudes at the door and our motives before speaking or acting.

 Women are especially adept at such harmful behavior.   What an odd paradox.  The ‘relational’ sex lives somewhere between the bond of sisterhood and the knife of pettiness.

This paradox is the difference between doing what is right vs. what comes naturally.

What is right requires us to not act on emotions.  We women are notorious for making decisions based on how we feel.  All the while knowing those feelings will be different next month, next week, or in the next five minutes.

Most of us women also have a keen intuition.  But it works best when placed in submission to our Creator, who knows all.  And knows us better than we know ourselves.

So, before we speak, before we listen to ‘news’ we know we shouldn’t be hearing, before we lash out at someone whether they’ve earned a lashing or not, even when we’ve been wronged.  (Man, how many times have I done that?! ugh.)

Stop.  Just stop.  If we have to go into a room and shut the door, take a hundred deep breaths or even count to 500.  Just stop.  And make the choice:

How am I going to live?  High School Lunchroom or as an Adult.  A grown up person that claims to follow Christ?


Mundane Musings

I am sooo sorry.  So sorry that I’ve just not had anything exciting to write about.  Nothing too funny, spiritual, or even mildly amusing to my closest of friends, etc.  There’s just an uneventful routine going on right now.  Nothing to write home about, as they say.

Like right now. 

I really need to take another bag of garbage out to the bin on the sidewalk because today is trash day.

But it’s cold.

And I look reeeally scary right now.  And it’s not exactly a Halloween Costume.  My sweatshirt has bleach stains on it, my hair is a nappy, hot mess piled on top of my head.  And, oh my soul, people with bangs….who also sleep on their face….wake up looking especially frightening in the morning.

But I’m too lazy and cold to make any adjustments to myself just to go to the sidewalk.

See? See what I mean?  Not exactly the Days of Our Lives around here. For which I am quite thankful.  I mean who wants 35 years of Victor Kiriakas, the Dimeras, demon possession, who’s the daddy and who’s the mama? 

Oh the travesties!

So there you have it.  We’ll just say this is re-run season.  I think some of the postings from this Summer may be more interesting.  Feel free to browse around.

Maybe if I carry a large plastic pumpkin with a black handle on it, the neighbors will think this is my costume…hmmm.