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The Great Humbling

I first saw the phrase this week; The Great Humbling.  The term was in reference to the many American’s who’ve lost jobs and have been forced to take less paying/less prestigious jobs from the one they lost or perhaps even downsize their homes.  A neighbor of mine made sure I knew she wasn’t accustomed to living in such a small house.  She was used to a much larger home and the transition had been challenging.

These adjustments hit a nerve called pride.  We bristle at the thought of lowering ourselves.  I’ve worked to hard to get where I am.  What will people think?

But imagine this: imagine you are strong, powerful and live in the most pristine of worlds where dirt, illness and all things unpleasant are not allowed.  Then willingly you give up your powerful position and allow yourself to be taken to a less than desired area of town, in a cold, dirty, smelly cave surrounded by farm animals.   You’re no longer strong and powerful, but helpless; unable to even feed yourself.  And worst of all (for us people pleasers), someone in a high position wants you dead.

That’s exactly what Jesus did for you and me.   He left the glory of Heaven to a low of lowlies, born to an unwed teenage girl in a cave housing farm animals.  The King of Glory became a helpless baby, to live a sinless life, die a humilitating death and live again in victorious resurrection; all so that we could become the children of God.

THAT is THE Great Humbling that brings me to my knees in overwhelming gratefulness and praise.


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CMA Summary

Darius Rucker – love him.

Wynona – fell into some red clay just before walking on stage. yikes.  Trying the MJ in reverse?

Martina – class act and deserves a better song

Jamey w/ Kid Rock – I have no words.

Daughtry:  heavenly

Taylor (and several others) – where’s the Auto-Tune when you need it?

Dave Matthews – could have listened to you all night.

Taylor Swift- fits well into the songwriter category.

Kellie Pickler –  adorable

Brad & Carrie – well done.

Over all: nice show, but too many ballads.  Coulda used less whine and more YeeHaw!

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