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What’s so great about a job at Kirklands

10.  I’m employed!

9.  My evenings and nights are my own again.

8.  8-10 minute commute.  Oh yeah.

7.  A Commute that goes against the heavy rush hour traffic.

6.  Two words: Sample Sale!

5.  Checks where my name only appears once.

4.  Friday is Jeans Day!

3.  Beautiful Home Decor items all over the place.

2.  The distance from my Car to my Desk = about 40 feet. (That one is for my LifeWay friends.)

1.  Did I mention Sample Sale?


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Yep, it’s up!  A little post-007 adrenaline in my system and this was up in 15 minutes. 

Ok.  Not really.  But it was a record, I’m sure. 


I’m smack dab in the middle of that lovely life-lesson called “You’re not in control of things so just let it go.”   I suppose this is my little rebellion.  The one thing I can control.   When my tree goes up. 

So, what are you NOT in control of right now?

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I am sooo sorry.  So sorry that I’ve just not had anything exciting to write about.  Nothing too funny, spiritual, or even mildly amusing to my closest of friends, etc.  There’s just an uneventful routine going on right now.  Nothing to write home about, as they say.

Like right now. 

I really need to take another bag of garbage out to the bin on the sidewalk because today is trash day.

But it’s cold.

And I look reeeally scary right now.  And it’s not exactly a Halloween Costume.  My sweatshirt has bleach stains on it, my hair is a nappy, hot mess piled on top of my head.  And, oh my soul, people with bangs….who also sleep on their face….wake up looking especially frightening in the morning.

But I’m too lazy and cold to make any adjustments to myself just to go to the sidewalk.

See? See what I mean?  Not exactly the Days of Our Lives around here. For which I am quite thankful.  I mean who wants 35 years of Victor Kiriakas, the Dimeras, demon possession, who’s the daddy and who’s the mama? 

Oh the travesties!

So there you have it.  We’ll just say this is re-run season.  I think some of the postings from this Summer may be more interesting.  Feel free to browse around.

Maybe if I carry a large plastic pumpkin with a black handle on it, the neighbors will think this is my costume…hmmm.

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My friend K is having sudden BIG EXPENSE issues.  I spent less on my first car than she has spent on her SUV in the last 6 weeks.  K is also single.  Even the most contented single gets frustrated when car issues come about.  If you don’t have family living nearby, you are at the mercy of your friends, the repair shop or you just rent a car. 

The good news..there are a whole passel of single girls in our circle, ready to lend a hand, er, car-ride, that is.

I was ‘on call’ today in case K needed a ride to the rental car place.   Turns out she didn’t need my transportation assistance. 

Smelling salts, defibrilator, nitro pills…. those, she could have used. 

I commiserated with her a bit this morning, shocked at the price tags quoted her today.  We had that ‘do I buy a new car or I’ve-already-bought-one-part-by-part’ conversation.  Truth is, this last project may give the car a whole new life – avoiding monthly car payments for my weary friend.

Fast-forward a few hours.  I’m at the mall (big shocker there) and my car won’t start.  I can’t even get the key to turn.  After calling in AAA services, I call K to inform her of my Pontiac’s sudden sympathy pains.  Of course, she now offered to be “on call” for me. 

Aren’t friends the GREATEST?!

I call another friend (now you know why the cell phone bill is so, incredibly lofty.) who asks me if I’ve pushed the break pedal to the floor first while turning the key. 

It worked!!!!!!  yeehaw!

Who knew?!

I pull out of the parking lot, cancelled the AAA call and drove straight to my local repair shop, wondering which limb I was willing to give up, or how much plasma donations would cover a new ‘whatchamacallit.’

Of course the very first time “Ralph” (I have no idea what his name really is, but Ralph just sounds like a car repair guy, doesn’t it?) anyway, the first time he tried the key….it worked beautifully. 

Of course, it did.

But he continued and quickly experienced the same grid-lock I had reported. 

He fiddled, and fiddled.  Then went inside w/ the key in his hands.  Then he came back out, tried the key again and it worked beautifully – many times.  He had me try it.  It worked everytime.

The answer?

WD40 – sprayed on the key.  I drove off happy as a clam and not one dime poorer. 

Duct tape has now been dethroned as the Southern Fix-All-of-Choice for this Dixie Chick.

WD40, oh how I love thee.

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So it was time to get the hair color adjusted to what the good Lord intended it to be.  The color before Global Warming entered our water pipes and intensified the sun’s rays. 

(Someone should tell Mr. Gore about how he missed this devastating aspect in his illustrious movie.)

The point is, I was on a mission from the heavenlies to get my hair back to it’s God-ordained color. 

There’s an adorable new girl in the salon.  She has the sweetest spirit about her.  So calm and relaxing.  I just love her. She helps out when the stylists’ clients start overlapping by shampooing, blow-drying etc. 

We found ourselves in just such a situation yesterday.  Ms. Sweet would be blow-drying/styling my hair while Mr. Popular finished cutting another client’s mane.  She applied a healthy dose of some fancy goop and started the drying prossess.  Mr. Popular had completed his previous project and came to take over.

He started drying,  and I started drifting off to sleep.  The blow-dryer relaxes me into a wet noodle.  I hadn’t noticed how long it was taking until he mentioned it.  “Girl, your hair is just not drying today!”  After further inquiry with Ms. Sweet he discovered the cause.  Ms. Sweet had smothered my hair in ‘skinny serum’.

Wha?!!!!!!!!!  I was awake now!

There’s skinny serum in my hair?!

For those of you not comprehending, nor experiencing the same heart-stopping shock, allow me to explain.

1.  I was born with stick-straight, extremely fine hair.  Honestly, it is the texture of a 5 month old caucasian baby.  So, of course, I have always wanted really biiig, faaat, saaaassy curls.

but more importantly…..

2.  I’m a Southern Girl, born knowing Tennessee Tall Hair was the key to a woman’s beauty.

Summary:  I have spent my entire life fightin’ ‘skinny hair.’

And some sweet dear just put a gallon of skinny on my poor head.  It would surely be as flat as a fritter.  Bless her heart, she just didn’t know about straight-haired girls from Tennessee.

Mr. Popular was able make it look just fine.  To be honest, it did have an extra shine to it.  So I can’t complain.

But how much you wanna bet from now on, Ms. Sweet’s first question to a client will be “So, where you from?”

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We are home.  Packed suitcases have been replaced with piles of sand-covered laundry, smelling of suntan lotion and salt air. 

Vacation is over. 

<insert big, fat sigh here>

But what a great six days!  With the exception of a few dramas that come with life, we had an absolute blast.   Actually, we never lost our sense of humor.  Even in the dramas, we were able to find something to laugh about.  The six of us know how to roll with life.  Actually, just having these women in my life is what helps keep me sane. 

I’m sure there would be a debate on that.  But that’s a whole ‘nuther posting.

Our routine went like this…we woke up, whenever we woke up, and started our day with a cup of coffee while sitting on the screened-in front porch still in our pj’s.  No meetings, conference calls, or crying children.  Just 6 women easing into their day.  Whoever arose first made the coffee.  The other 5 followed in phases as the smell of morning coffee floated through the house.  Or was is Janell’s banana nut bread?  Either way, the point is, we rose.

This was our ‘morning conference room’.

The days, they started gently.   We’d sit on the porch for about an hour deciding two things. 1)Whether to start our day on the beach or by the pool.  and 2)  Where to go for dinner that evening.  I’m sure we could have covered more than 2 things in that hour, but why risk it.  We were on vacation.

It was time to relax…or “unlax” as my Grandpa says.  If I had a nickel for everytime he told my Grandmother to sit down and “unlax”, I could buy that beach house with the front porch and swing.

I digress. 

We did absolutely nothing stressful, you get the picture.

After a day in the sun, with a short lunch break at the house,  we showered and got cleaned up for a night of dinner & shopping.  Then we’d return to the house, get back into our pj’s, and sit around the living room, telling stories on each other, poking fun at each other and just having that ever-so-needed girl time.

Here’s the “evening conference room.”

And that was pretty much the routine.

Every day.

For six days.

I REEEEALLY like vacations.

So here we are, the Saucy Six, just before our last dinner at Seaside.

I wish we were still there.

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Just a quick note to say hi.  Here are some scenes from our day.



Ciao! Back to vacationing.

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